Review Policy

I review youth literature ranging from picture books to YA. I may review the occasional book for adults if I feel it has sufficient appeal for teens. Reading in a variety of genres, I gravitate toward titles interest me personally and those I feel will appeal to my library patrons.

I do not review self-published or vanity press titles. 

My reviews are honest, and more often than not, positive. I tend to like most of what I read. If have trouble connecting with a book, I will say so-- but I’ll also comment on why the book may work for another type of reader. As a librarian, I recognize that there are all types of readers, and a book that doesn’t work for me may turn out to be someone else’s new favorite read. 

I’m happy to receive copies of books for review. I accept ARCs or finished copies. In addition to print books, I am comfortable with epub, PDF, Kindle, and I especially love audiobooks.

Contact me at alli.librarian @ gmail (dot) com.

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