Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eye-catching Covers

They say "don't judge a book by its cover," but we all do. In a sea of pretty girls’ faces, sumptuous dress, stylized angel wings, and shiny, futuristic symbols, what stands out on the YA shelves these days?

As I was looking through some new and upcoming releases, I noticed three particularly unique and eye-catching covers. They don't seem to fit into any current trend, but still manage to look contemporary and appealing for today's readers.

Harbinger, by Sara Wilson Etienne
True, this cover features a pretty girl. And okay, she’s wearing what appears to be a fancy dress. But the dress isn’t the centerpiece of the image. Rather, this cover is composed of some truly curious elements-- the blindfold, the moon, the intricate border... is it a reference to a Tarot card? The design is a bold an intriguing choice that makes me want to pick up the book and see what it's all about. (In fact, I just started reading this one and it's captivating so far!)

The Diviners, by Libba Bray
Frankly, it’s a weird cover, and to be honest, I’m not actually sure I like it (even though I'm sure I'm going to like the book itself-- I heart Libba Bray!). Regardless, this cover is like nothing else I’m seeing on the shelves these days. That eye staring out! It's so strange! The subdued colors and the fact that it's not a photographic image makes me wonder if it's meant to hold crossover appeal for an adult audience. It's not a very "teen" cover... which is what will make it stand out on the YA shelves.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, by Jesse Andrews
This cover is SO different from every other book on the teen shelf! It almost looks like a children's book, except that children's books probably wouldn't have "dying girl" in the title. The design has a fascinating use of bold color, linear composition, and creative papercuts. I just want to keep staring at it. I haven't read the book, but I understand it's quirky and holds appeal for both male and female audiences-- qualities the cover reflects quite well.

As much as I actually do like certain YA book cover trends (I'm still a sucker for the gorgeous dresses, I admit it!) it's refreshing to see some book covers that break away from the pack. What other books with unusual covers can I expect to see on the shelves soon? Has anything caught your eye lately?


  1. Funny that you posted about covers today-I just did a cover post yesterday! I like all three of these covers-they are unique and I think they stand out on the shelves.

  2. I love book covers! It's fun to speculate about the design decisions that went into creating them, isn't it? I think it's rather brave when publishers take a risk and go with something that's not exactly on-trend-- and in these cases, it worked well.

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