Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: Bookish Goals

Happy 2012! As a librarian and book blogger, I resolve to… 

Read more sequels

Because part of my job as a librarian is personally recommending books to all different types of readers, I feel obligated to read as widely as possible. Sequels don't add to the variety of my reading, so they languish on my to-read shelf. But I think I'm missing out! I used to LOVE getting really hooked on series. I'm going to reclaim that pleasure this year, if only just a little. After all, reading a series can strengthen my reader's advisory in that I can authoritatively state whether the quality is maintained after the first book, right? Right!

Be a more interactive blogger

I love the great wide world of book blogs. I want to comment on your blog. I want to connect with you. But alas, in juggling my time and energy between family life and professional responsibilities, I fall behind on blogs. Even if I just comment on one blog a day in 2012, it'll be an improvement.

Apply for a YALSA selection committee 

As I've mentioned before, I'm the current chair of the YALSA Local Arrangements Committee for the 2012 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, and loving it. I am energized by the opportunity to serve YALSA and connect with fantastic colleagues in the library field, and I'm so excited about Annual. (Will YOU be there? Tell me!) When I wrap up my responsibilities for the Local Arrangements Committee, I'm eager to apply for the chance to serve on a selection committee. I find the YALSA selection lists so helpful in developing my library's collection; I want to take part in forming those lists.

What are your bookish goals for the new year?


  1. Thanks for sharing your "bookish goals" for the New Year! My bookish goal each year is to read our state list of picture book and book award nominees. Another goal that I have is to blog more frequently than one time per month. Happy New Year!

  2. I made the same resolution about commenting far so good! But it does take time, and time is hard to come by, so I am not very hopeful.

    I know what you mean about sequels too--I've gotten into the habit of not rushing to read them, because I feel that I'll enjoy them when I get to them. I was only properly exicited for one this year, which I found sad.

  3. I just came here via high words of praise from Danielle at There's a Book. She's one of my all-time-favorite bloggers, and as a school librarian myself, I'm eager to get more familiar with Reading Everywhere. Happy 2012!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, all, and I hope you're enjoying the new year!

    mrssikes, what a great idea to read your state award nominees. Feels closer to home that way!

    Charlotte, that's such a good point about saving sequels for later because you know you'll enjoy them. I totally do that! I "hoard" books I know I'll love for when I'm in a reading slump... and then I realized I've pushed them back too far. Sigh!

    Katie, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I was so touched by Danielle's kind words- she is fantastic. I'm definitely stopping by your blog!


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