Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review: Hourglass, by Myra McEntire

McEntire, Myra. Hourglass. 397 p. Egmont USA. 2011. Hardcover $17.99. ISBN 9781606841440.

This is definitely one of my top picks this summer. I couldn't put it down! Emerson is plagued by visions of people from the past, and although she's tried every cure, nobody can solve her problem, and she's convinced that she's gone off the deep end. Her concerned older brother calls in yet another specialist to confront the issue, but this handsome young man who works for a mysterious organization called Hourglass isn't telling her she's crazy... he's telling her the visions are real.

McEntire expertly builds on this intriguing premise, and the brisk pace and tight plotting makes for one utterly addictive read, with plenty of chapter-end cliffhangers that make you want to drop everything and keep turning the pages. I was THIS CLOSE to calling a babysitter so I could just keep reading.

I adore a good time-travel story, and Hourglass is definitely a good time-travel story. The science of the time travel- well, technically, time slips- is thoroughly researched and well explained throughout. Plus, it has awesome references to other good time-travel stories. I almost squealed aloud with glee when the author referenced Somewhere in Time, Dr. Who, and Hermione's time-turner ALL IN ONE PARAGRAPH.

There's also lot to like about this book's cast of characters. Emerson is a smart, sassy protagonist with one-liners that made me grin. She doesn't hesitate to stand up for herself, even to her love interest. She calls him out when she thinks he's not telling her the whole story, which is seriously awesome to behold. Emerson's wonderfully loyal best friend (with a secret of her own) is another highlight of the book for me, and of course the love interest, Michael, is deliciously angsty, honorable, and tortured.

The story is nicely complete in the end- it could very nearly stand alone, but McEntire tantalizes the reader with a few deliberately unanswered questions, so we know we can look forward to a sequel. You know I'll be marking my calendar and clearing my schedule for it!

Hourglass was released earlier this week, so rush out to your nearest indie bookseller and pick up a copy today. Advance reader copy for review was graciously lent by my Authors are ROCKSTARS! co-host, Michelle, who received it from the publisher. Our June podcast features an awesome interview with Myra McEntire that you won't want to miss, and we're giving away a copy of Hourglass, so check it out!


  1. Can't wait to read this one! Gonna have to get it soon!!!

  2. @Beth - Definitely check it out! I seriously cannot stop raving about this book.

    @Michelle - Thank you again for another stellar recommendation!!


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