Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I saw I Am Number Four

It was date night. The date night that only happens once a month. Our toddler would be happily taking part in his preschool's Kids' Night, and the in-laws would be watching the baby, so we were all set. Three hours for just the two of us! Dinner and a movie! And what was the only movie we could tolerate that fit into our limited timeframe?

I Am Number Four.

Yeah. The one based on a book from James Frey's much-criticized "fiction factory." The one that's been getting hilariously terrible reviews.

But whatever, it was okaaaaay. Angsty hot guy who just happens to be an alien rebelling against his father figure. High school bullies. A trustworthy geek sidekick. A loyal animal companion. A pretty girl. Action scenes with monsters.

Totally derivative, but entertaining. If you're not expecting a masterpiece, I mean. And I wasn't.

I felt like I did my duty as a teen services librarian by seeing it, in any case!


  1. Don't know if I'll actually see the movie, but I feel compelled to read the book since lots of kids are reading it. Want to know what all the fuss is about.

  2. I read the book (just posted a review on it) and was supposed to go see the movie today and backed out. I think I can wait for it to come out on DVD and avoid being bitter and resentful for spending TOO much money to see it.

  3. @Beth, I'll be curious what you think of the book. I'm sure I'll end up buying several more copies of it for my library!

    @Dawn, yeah, you can definitely see it on DVD and not feel like you're missing out. :D I was sort of irked that my husband and I went and spent money to see it in the theater, but eh, it was date night and we were determined to see something! Haha.

  4. I feel vindicated about hating the book with the movie getting so-so reviews. The whole James Frey thing ticked me off. The mushy romantic dialogue in the book gave "Twilight" a run for its money. Forget DVD--I'm waiting till it shows up on HBO.

  5. I agree, Debra, I'm not thrilled about what James Frey is doing, so it automatically makes me biased against the book. I still kind of can't believe my husband and I paid good money to see the movie in the theater, but ah well... maybe because my expectations were so low, I was pleasantly surprised! That's not to say you shouldn't wait for it to come on HBO. ;)


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