Thursday, February 10, 2011

Around the Web

Story of my life as mother to a baby and a toddler: I'm in the middle of three different books right now, but haven't managed to finish one of them yet. So, hey... links!

Simon & Schuster acquires rights to a new trilogy from ghostgirl author, Tonya Hurley. The concept behind this series is intriguing. Contemporary supernatural romance based on the lives of saints? Yes, please! Taking inspiration from saints for a YA trilogy seems refreshingly unique, yet possibly similar enough to the current trend of angels in paranormal fiction that there will be a built-in audience waiting for something sort of like what they've been reading, but not exactly the same.

Keen Readers: a new site aimed at encouraging reluctant readers. There's useful information for parents and mentors, as well as kids, and an ongoing writing contest with winners selected each month.

Name expert Laura Wattenberg discusses invented literary names on The Baby Name Wizard. Spoilers: Vanessa was made up by Jonathan Swift. I never knew!

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