Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Around the Web

Actor and cool geek extraordinaire Wil Wheaton recalls the impact his childhood librarian had on him. Aww, thanks, Wil. This kind of story is why so many of us go into the library profession.

On a less positive note: Bitch Media demonstrates how not to make a book list. The whole kerfuffle is very well explained at Chasing Ray.

Back to the positive! Author Mitali Perkins asks us how we define ourselves in terms of race. I hope more people will contribute to the discussion; it's a thought-provoking topic.

In honor of Lunar New Year, a link to the easiest, best lantern craft ever. It's so simple, but it can be embellished and made as elaborate as you wish by decorating the cut strips of paper that make up the sides of the lantern. I loved this craft when I was a children's librarian- it's always fun to see the kids go crazy with glitter. Happy year of the Cat!

Gale/Cengage is looking for a superhero librarian! So go give your favorite librarian some love, or nominate yourself. We are all superheroes.

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