Monday, January 31, 2011

Celebrating diversity

Take a look: Diversity in YA has posted their monthly round-up of new diverse fiction.

Of the February titles, I've already read Orchards, which was an absolutely stunning verse novel that I want to run around recommending to everyone, and Owl Ninja, which will appeal to kids who love martial arts adventure stories. I'm currently reading Anya's War, Pink is in my to-read pile, and I was very pleased to meet Brent Hartinger and receive an autographed copy of Shadow Walkers at ALA Midwinter.

It's great to see these titles highlighted by such a cool site- I really applaud what they're doing over there at Diversity in YA. And how awesome is it that these books span such a variety of genres, from sports to fantasy? It's refreshing that diversity is just part of the equation in most of these books, that these aren't necessarily "problem novels" about diversity. Which isn't to say I don't enjoy a good book about a character struggling with their identity, because I do- especially when the character embraces their identity in the end. But the struggle doesn't always have to come from race or gender or sexual orientation. Because diversity is normal. And I love that!


  1. I'm recommending Sarah Jamila Stevenson's new book, THE LATTE REBELLION--such a great new addition to the evolving genre of YA multicultural lit.

  2. Ooh, I've heard of that book, and really want to check it out! It sounds compelling. Thanks for the recommendation!


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